How Lab Work Maximizes Your Potential in the Gym

If you’re a regular gym-goer, chances are you keep up with all kinds of information about your body. Regardless of your reasons for working out, you probably track your weight, BMI, caloric intake and output, etc. You probably also take a few supplements like pre-workout & protein. All of that is great, but do you really know what’s going on inside your body? Do you wonder if some of your supplements are hindering your performance and/or recovery? Believe it or not, the right lab work can track all of that information to ensure you’re maximizing your potential and results in the gym.

Lab work (blood work) tells us about liver function, adrenal gland health, thyroid functions, and various other hormone and chemical levels in our bodies. Here are a few answers to questions around why you should be adding quarterly lab work to your gym routine:

Why do I need lab work?

  • Lab work tells us about liver function, adrenal gland health, thyroid functions, and various other hormone and chemical levels in our bodies. It can also help track cortisol levels, and cortisol is vital to healthy recovery from a good gym session!
  • Keeping up with your body’s different hormone and chemical levels is important for anyone who wants to be healthy, especially those of us who work so hard in the gym and the kitchen to get the best out of our bodies.
  • If you put fancy wheels on a Maserati, chrome it out, paint it your favorite color, but pour sawdust into the gas tank & never check the oil, are you really driving a Maserati? Not for very long. The same goes for our bodies. The outside can look pristine, but the inside needs to reflect that too.
  • Quarterly lab work not only helps in maximizing your potential in the gym, but also helps you stay in the know about your insides.

What kind of lab work should I get?

ProHealth offers three different panels & prices to choose from that are specifically designed for dedicated gym-goers like yourself. All three will evaluate male and/or female hormone levels, liver functions, magnesium levels, and the thyroid.

  1. Body Build Panel 1 $165: Estradiol, Free & Total Testosterone
  2. Body Build Panel 2 $275: Magnesium, Red Blood Cell Count, Estradiol, Hepatic Function Panel, Free & Total Testosterone
  3. Body Build Panel 3 $395: Magnesium, Red Blood Cell Count, Estradiol, Hepatic Function Panel, Free & Total Testosterone, Thyroid Panel, Sex Hormone Binding Globulin

What if I’m not a body builder, just a regular gym-goer?

Knowing what is happening inside your body is STILL super important! Regular lab results can catch many diseases & disorders early (rather than waiting for symptoms to show up THEN getting labs), they can help you maximize your regular diet for hormone balance purposes or general health, and they also allow us some insight into how what we do on a regular basis affects our bodies. You can never know too much about yourself!

How can I get my lab work done?

Easy! Call or stop by any ProHealth location.

Do I need to fast?

Yes, fast at least 8 hours. You can have water and plain black coffee during the fasting hours. 

How long will it take?

Around 20 minutes or less!

When do I get my results and what do I do with my results?

You’ll have your results in 2-3 business days. ProHealth makes it convenient for you, so if you prefer email over USPS mail, we’ll email them. We can even fax it or you can pick up a hard copy at our office. We’ll send your results in whatever way is most convenient for you.

Reading your results is simple. All tests will be listed on the left side and your number will be listed on the right. If there’s not a H or a L, you’re in the normal range. For deeper interpretation of any irregular lab results, we recommend setting up an appointment with our Medical Providers at ProHealth Medical Clinic. They are equipped with the knowledge necessary to get you on track to your healthiest self! Maximize your potential in the gym with a little help reading your lab work from ProHealth.

Reminder: We keep our prices low because we believe you shouldn’t have to pay an arm and a leg to see your family doc. There’s no insurance required for these visits – all prices are transparent and listed on our website HERE. No hidden fees or bills sent to you in the mail months later.  

So, what are you waiting for? Call to make an appointment (or walk-in) today! And find out how you can maximize your potential in the gym with the right recovery and performance tweaks.