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Who Should Not Get a Flu Shot?

who should not get flu shot

Unfortunately, with the widespread of so many diseases and viruses that compromise our health on a daily basis, the flu is especially of concern each year during the height of cold and flu season. Understandably enough, the CDC recommends that the flu shot become a priority on your to-do list, but there are some things…

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Flu Vaccines for Seniors

For those of us that are teetering on the edge between “older” and “elder” (better known as 65+), there is good news! There are flu vaccines out there that pack an extra punch to lend a bit more support to our “older” immune systems. The High Dose Flu vaccine contains four times the amount of…

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Flu Treatments for the Season Ahead


Flu Treatments for the Season Ahead When flu season begins, more people begin considering the need to seek out preventative flu treatments. The aches, chills, fevers, coughing and sniffles all make the flu an unpleasant experience. But even more than that, the flu is extremely dangerous – and sometimes even deadly – for people with…

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If You’re Not Taking the Flu Seriously, You Should!

It’s all over the news, flooding Facebook feeds and Twitter timelines. It’s on everyone’s mind: the flu. Just the name is starting to get that old school horror film ring to it, and with good reason. The flu virus is one of the most volatile, persistent viruses on the planet, and it is proving to…

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Vaccinations: What if I Don’t?

Nurse giving child the flu shot

Over the past twenty or so years, vaccinations have gotten a pretty bad reputation. This is mostly due to the rise in numbers of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) seeming to correlate with the rise in numbers of children who got vaccines. So naturally, we tried to connect the two. However, after extensive research,…

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Oh No Flu Didn’t! Getting Sick After The Flu Shot

ID 100278347

It’s the last thing you think will happen. You try to listen to the professionals and protect yourself by getting the flu shot, and then all of the sudden you’re feeling bad! While the majority of people who get the flu shot have no problems, a select few will experience some not-so-fun symptoms. Here’s what…

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‘Tis the Season…For the Flu, Not Ebola

The weather is changing, Thanksgiving is only a few short weeks away, and holiday shopping is in full swing. This can only mean one thing: ‘Tis the flu season. So, as we file in and out of shopping malls in search of the the perfect set of golf clubs for Dad or earrings for Mom,…

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Back to School Health Tips

Back to school health tips

This month means back to school for the students of Escambia and Santa Rosa Counties. It also means that kids will be exposed to more germs than they were over the summer, making them more susceptible to catching a bug. To help avoid the spread of illness in the classroom and at home, we have…

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Happy National Influenza Vaccination Week: $5 off our flu vaccinations

ProHealth Florida flu shot

Happy National Influenza Vaccination Week!  To celebrate, we at ProHealth are taking the CDC Flu Vaccination Pledge here AND are offering $5 off our flu vaccinations to anyone who comes into one of our 6 locations and mentions National Influenza Vaccination Week.  Take the pledge and get vaccinated to protect yourself and the people around…

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