Lifestyle Weight Loss Program

Lifestyle Weight Loss Program

According to Google, most people stop pursuing their New Year’s Resolutions by February. This means that by March, we’re all feeling nice and guilty about that gym membership we haven’t used in weeks and the extra snacks we’ve been indulging in. The bad news is that two weeks of gym time won’t permanently lock us into a healthy lifestyle. The good news is you’re not alone if that’s how you’re currently feeling! 80% of people who set weight loss goals at the beginning of each year don’t achieve them. The even better news is that ProHealth has a wide array of tips and tools to keep you moving, including our 12-week Prescription Weight Loss Program!

This lifestyle weight loss program isn’t a diet plan or a cluster of pills to swallow every morning. It’s a professionally guided and monitored lifestyle change so you can have lasting success and improve your overall health. We’ve been working with medical professionals and a registered dietician to create something we know will work. This plan, this program, this new chapter is something ProHealth has been working on and constantly refining for the last few years and we are so excited to share it with you! If you’ve been wondering how to lose weight and make lifestyle changes that will provide lasting results, keep reading to see what our program is all about.

Three Target Areas

ProHealth’s 12-week Lifestyle Weight Loss Program focuses on three key areas: Medical guidance, nutrition, and movement.

  • Medical Guidance: From day 1 you’ll be assessed, guided, and monitored by our on-site medical professionals, who will provide you with the best advice and care for your body. The program includes regular follow-up visits to check bloodwork & monitor your progress, and medication guidance if needed.
  • Nutrition: You’ll also get customized nutrition guidance, including grocery lists, recipe and snack ideas, and meal plans tailored to your needs.
  • Movement: Our team will also provide coaching and guidance through a movement and exercise plan, helping you set and achieve goals based on your abilities and needs.

In addition to all of that, you’ll also have access to discounted Vitamin B12 shots and Lipotonix to keep your energy levels up for the duration of the program, daily checklists, and guidance for how to successfully transition from weight loss to healthy maintenance.

To register for our 12-week program, you can walk into our Pensacola or Gulf Breeze locations or register online. You can also find pricing and contact information for any of our locations here. Give yourself the gift of health and let ProHealth give you the tools you need to have the best success!