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ProHealth Teams up with Suit Yourself

ProHealth will be accepting donations for Suit Yourself, a ministry that helps local women find employment and independence in the community. Pensacola, Florida – ProHealth and ProHealth Medical Care will be accepting donations for Suit Yourself, a free community outreach ministry of the First United Methodist Church that helps women in the community find a…

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Immigration Medical Exams


Convenient, Affordable Services for Immigration Medical Exams As it has been since the beginning, America is a melting pot of cultures that welcome many immigrants every year. We along the Gulf Coast are no exception to that influx of people from other countries seeking new opportunities, and ProHealth aids their entry into a new future…

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The Flu & You: Options for the 2018-19 Season

When is the 2018 flu season? The 2018 flu season is just around the corner. Flu diagnoses pick up in October. It normally peaks between December and February and can last through the month of May. What are the symptoms of the flu? Symptoms are similar to (but far more severe than) the common cold:…

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Child Vaccinations


Child Vaccinations Required for Back to School Going back to school preparation comes with a long list of things to check off – everything from supplies and gear to clothes and shoes. One of the most important things to add to the list are child vaccinations. By Florida law, all children entering a preschool, public…

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School Physicals


Get Kindergarten Ready with School Physicals It’s the beginning of the school year and children entering kindergarten will require a school physical. School physicals generally include the completion of a physical form, an immunization form and a medication form for your child’s pediatrician to fill out. School physicals are crucial because they arm the school…

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The Mosquito: Public (Health) Enemy #1

Mosquitoes! What are they good for? Besides transmitting more deadly diseases than any other creature on the planet: malaria (claims an average of a million lives a year), West Nile virus, and dengue fever (which used to be called “break bone” fever because it sometimes causes severe muscle & joint pain that feels like bones…

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ProHealth & DATIA in the Big Easy

The folks at ProHealth understand that in the healthcare testing industry, nothing is ever stagnant. Concepts, policies, procedures, and new ideas are always surfacing and changing, sometimes on a daily basis. This is why we put so much value in continuing to learn and grow, even after schooling is over and the job is landed.…

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Digging Up the Dirt on Tetanus Shots

It’s a beautiful day and you want to plant some daisies or impatiens. You gather up your tools: gloves, hat, sunscreen, tetanus shot – hold the phone, tetanus shots? It’s true – rusty nails are not the only way to contract tetanus (lockjaw). Believe it or not, if you should get a (supposedly) simple scratch…

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Meningitis Vaccines & College

Vaccines are required for all sorts of things. The military requires a whole list of vaccines, hospital workers often must be up to date on vaccines or sign waivers, travelers to certain countries must be vaccinated against local infectious diseases, and sometimes even college students must get certain vaccines before they’re allowed to enroll. One…

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The 5 Ws of Nicotine Testing

Take a stroll through your local chain drug store & you’ll see all kinds of home drug testing kits: opiates, marijuana, benzodiazepines, and now we have home kits for nicotine testing. Why on earth is nicotine lumped in with these other “more harmful” drugs, and why are so many companies testing for it now? The simple…

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