Hepatitis A Public Health Advisory in Florida

A Public Health Advisory issued by the State Surgeon General and State Health Officer has declared a hepatitis A virus (HAV) warning. Florida had 385 cases of HAV infection in 2018, which is three times higher than average. While most patients with HAV infections will fully recover, HAV can cause severe liver damage, and 77%…

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Blood vs. Urine Pregnancy Test


In the question of getting a blood vs. urine pregnancy test, most women take the road that seems less complicated, less pricey and much more expedient in the interest of getting a quick answer. They want to know when they want to know, without having the hassle of spending time in a waiting room unless…

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Who Should Not Get a Flu Shot?

who should not get flu shot

Unfortunately, with the widespread of so many diseases and viruses that compromise our health on a daily basis, the flu is especially of concern each year during the height of cold and flu season. Understandably enough, the CDC recommends that the flu shot become a priority on your to-do list, but there are some things…

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9 Notable Vitamin B-12 Benefits


Like many other vital nutrients and minerals in the body, B vitamins are one of those things that most people don’t give much thought to. At least, not until their health shows signs of something being off-kilter. But those vitamins are vital to the daily function of your body, and Vitamin B-12 benefits many of…

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Drug Testing Options in Northwest Florida

Employers want to create a safe work environment for their employees, not surprisingly, employees want the same thing. According to a Gallup survey, employees typically favor drug testing of workers in safety-sensitive jobs 95 percent. People realize that the reality is that many of those injured in “serious” drug-related accidents at work are not the…

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The B12 Days of Christmas

ProHealth is running a fantastic special for December. Just follow us, like us, or check in on Facebook or Instagram at one of our locations and we will give you $5 OFF a B12 instantly. On December 31st, we will choose one lucky winner from you wonderful social media gurus out there to enjoy FREE…

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Medical Providers & The Role of Antibiotics

In a recent editorial for the Journal of the American Association of Nurse Practitioners, Dr. Manning, President-Elect of the Association of in Infection Control and Epidemiology, called to all Nurse Practitioners to “be bold. Be brave. Advocate for the health of your patients and your community and seize the moment to preserve the effectiveness of…

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Disaster Recovery After Hurricane Michael


The uncertainties of hurricane season are cause for concern in the states along the Gulf Coast, and we watch with anxiousness when the tropics show any sign of activity. When that activity proves to gain strength and sets a course that will inevitably cause destruction, we gather together to aid in relief of those who…

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