Where to get an RT-PCR COVID Test in Northwest Flordia

Where to get an RT-PCR COVID Test in Northwest Flordia

RT-PCR COVID Tests are typically used for travel requirements and return to work or school. The tests will detect the genetic material of the COVID virus. The result is either positive or negative for the live virus. A swab of the nasal cavity is sent to a laboratory for testing. The RT-PCR COVID-19 Test comes in two options at ProHealth and is offered at locations in Pensacola, Shalimar, Gulf Breeze, Milton, and Crestview.

Where to get a RAPID RT-PCR Test

  • Where: Now offered in Shalimar and Pensacola
    • Shalimar COVID Site: 4 Ninth Ave. Suite B
    • Pensacola Medical Clinic: 6005 College Pkwy.
  • Cost: $195
  • Results: 1 hour

Where to get a Non-RAPID RT-PCR Test

  • Where: Now offered in Milton, Gulf Breeze, Crestview, and Pensacola
    • Milton Lab Office: 5825 Hwy. 90
    • Gulf Breeze Medical Clinic: 1157 Gulf Breeze Pkwy.
    • Crestview Lab Office: 102 Alabama St. Suite B
    • Pensacola Lab Office: 3298 Summit Blvd. Suite 3
  • Cost: $135
  • Results: 24-72 hours

When should an RT-PCR test be done?

  1. People who have symptoms of COVID-19.
  2. Travel destinations that require a negative PCR test.
  3. People who need a negative PCR to return to work/travel.
  4. People who have been exposed to someone with a confirmed case of COVID-19.