What Is Acute Care / Minor Emergency Care?

What Is Acute Care / Minor Emergency Care?

Most people don’t know what the term “acute care” means, and with good reason. Unless they’re in the medical field, they don’t have a need for knowing what it is; but when you’re seeking out medical care in an urgent situation, you might start wondering what is acute care and where do I find it? 

At ProHealth, we face the question of “What is acute care?” often in our work with patients who come to us seeking care for medical issues, illnesses, injuries or conditions that need immediate attention but are still not considered serious enough that they require a trip to the emergency room. As a medical care facility based in the community with a goal focused on offering affordable, efficient and convenient care, we address a variety of minor emergencies that can quickly and easily be treated without the need for inpatient care in a more expensive doctor’s office or hospital. 

An Acute Level of Dedication to Care

When patients come to ProHealth, we’re dedicated to giving them the care they need when they need it. We know the difference between illnesses and injuries that only need quick, simple treatment and types of trauma or disease that require more serious attention by emergency medical teams or specialists and work accordingly, guiding our patients to the best possible method of care for their case. Our range of care options for urgent care situations includes treatment of injuries or illnesses such as: 

  • Colds 
  • Fevers 
  • Minor cuts 
  • Minor injuries 
  • Sore throat 

Both of our convenient walk-in facilities also offer lab diagnostics, blood tests, vaccinations, and cold-and-flu care. Additionally, we offer follow-up care that helps manage your issues and keep you on the path of healthier living. 

Immediate Attention in a Caring Environment 

Giving our patients immediate care is our specialty. We know that seeing a medical expert isn’t something that most people have much time – or money – for, so we dedicate ourselves to meeting their needs in as many ways as possible. With convenient locations and hours, we offer the added benefit of being affordable to families and individuals without insurance as well as to those with high deductibles. We even offer medical memberships that provide discounted care and exclusive FREE access to Teledoc services. For minor emergencies, health management, lab testing, physicals, and vaccinations, we’ve become a locally-trusted provider of high-quality care that gives our patients peace of mind that they’re in good hands; and we welcome everyone without judgment for whatever issues they have. 

Contact your local ProHealth facility if you want to learn more about acute care and about the healthcare services we offer!