The Saving Power of Green Flu Clinics

flu shot, green, tree, clinicOur flu clinics are saving all kinds of things around here:

-Your money

-Your environment

-And oh yeah, they could save your life!

That’s a win-win-win if we’ve ever heard of one!

What’s a flu clinic? you might ask. Great question.
Basically, our nurses come to your retirement home, pharmacy, business or church (at no cost to you!) and administer flu shots for whoever wants them. All you have to do to schedule a clinic is call Kendall at (850) 434-6168 ex. 6 and she’ll send you all of the information and advertising material you’ll need.

We offer flu, Highdose Flu, FluMist, Tetanus and Pneumonia shots.

You can schedule a flu clinic for as early as Tuesday, September 6th and we’re only doing them through mid-October. So, HURRY- book your clinic today!

Still not convinced? Alright, we’ll bring in the CDC to have a few words with you. They recommend “the vaccine to patients who are 6 months and older” and say “the bottom line is if a person is to be fully protected [against the flu] every year, they have to get vaccinated every year”. One shot doesn’t last forever.

So call to set up a flu clinic so you, your customers, residents or employees don’t have to waste gas (= money) driving to find one. Who knows how many lives it could save? (And trees!)