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If You’re Not Taking the Flu Seriously, You Should!

It’s all over the news, flooding Facebook feeds and Twitter timelines. It’s on everyone’s mind: the flu. Just the name is starting to get that old school horror film ring to it, and with good reason. The flu virus is one of the most volatile, persistent viruses on the planet, and it is proving to…

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Diet Trends v. Fads and What to Leave in 2017

  From food allergies to veganism and low-carb diets, the world of eating is transforming right before our eyes. But with so many options out there, how do you know what option is best? How do you know if a diet even works? How can you spot the difference between a fad and a trend?…

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Let’s Compare: Rapid vs Lab Based Drug Testing

Currently there are two main options for drug testing: Rapid and Lab Based. But, which one is better? Today, employers use drug testing as the most common way to screen potential employees, affirm insurance claims, and more. Simply put, it’s a part of life for millions of employees, employers and organizations everywhere. While these two…

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3 Ways Medical Membership Is More Valuable Than Obamacare

In the age of “fake news” and talking heads screaming their opinions on what health insurance works best (or worse) for you and your family, it’s hard to even grasp all the health care options we REALLY have in America. Pretty much everybody knows about health insurance. They know that you can purchase health insurance…

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Zika Virus In, FluMist OUT!


BUZZ BUZZ BUZZ!!! What’s all the ‘buzz’ about? Zika virus! I know that Zika sounds big and scary, but don’t run away just yet! We’re about to break down all of the confusion. What is this mystery virus? Zika is a mild virus spread by mosquitoes. That’s right. I said ‘mild.’ IF Zika causes symptoms…

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DNA Testing: 8 Answers You’ve Been Looking For

Girl Looking for Answers

Looking for answers? You’re in the right place! While it may not be the most fun thing to talk about (or read about), DNA testing can be the answer we need when life throws you a curve ball. DNA is the most powerful tool available for identification through forensics. Not only that, but it also…

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5 Wellness Tips to Keep the Holidays Jolly

Five Wellness Tips to Keep the Holiday's Jolly

Today, I finally got around to decorating the house for Christmas. I made a cup of hot cocoa, turned on some Christmas music, wrapped lights around my tree, hung ornaments, and put out the little band of drummer boys. When I finished, I looked around and realized how minimal my decorations are compared to the…

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Oh No Flu Didn’t! Getting Sick After The Flu Shot

ID 100278347

It’s the last thing you think will happen. You try to listen to the professionals and protect yourself by getting the flu shot, and then all of the sudden you’re feeling bad! While the majority of people who get the flu shot have no problems, a select few will experience some not-so-fun symptoms. Here’s what…

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The Skinny On Vitamin B12 Shots

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Have you ever felt tired, weak, or fatigued even if you’ve gotten plenty of sleep and good nutrition? The truth is, no matter how healthy a lifestyle you lead, it’s possible to be deficient in super important vitamins that can affect your daily life. Vitamin B12 could be one of those vitamins. According to the…

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How To Keep Your Child Safe From Four Common Summer Injuries

June 2015 Blog

Ah, sweet summertime on the Gulf Coast. Long, lazy days spent relaxing in the sunshine, vacationing, and venturing outdoors. It’s hardly a time to be worrying about trips to the doctor. But did you know that medical experts often refer to summer as “trauma season”? This is because injuries among children 14 and under increase…

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