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If You’re Not Taking the Flu Seriously, You Should!

It’s all over the news, flooding Facebook feeds and Twitter timelines. It’s on everyone’s mind: the flu. Just the name is starting to get that old school horror film ring to it, and with good reason. The flu virus is one of the most volatile, persistent viruses on the planet, and it is proving to…

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Recent News of H1N1 killing 6 people – 2 Preventative Steps


Health officials say there have been six confirmed deaths from H1N1 in the Houston area recently, KHOU 11 News confirmed Thursday afternoon. At least 14 people have become critically ill in the same area.   This is the same strain of H1N1 that caused a pandemic in 2009. Doctors have been seeing hundreds of new…

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Opioids Could Weaken Pneumonia Immunity

opioids linked to pneumonia

Pneumonia is no joke. As a bacterial infection in the lungs, pneumonia often produces shortness of breath and coughing, as well as a fever.  A pneumococcal vaccine is available for anyone over the age of 2. Who needs pneumonia protection? The pneumonia vaccine is recommended for everyone 65 or older, as well as those who…

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