How Do They Do It? The Flu Shot Edition

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Does Tuberculosis Still Exist? YES!

If you’ve read any classical literature, or seen any movies set in the middle-ages, you’ve probably heard of Tuberculosis. Tuberculosis has been around since the ancient times, and has affected millions of people, including poet John Keats, author Edgar Allen Poe, and musician Frederic Chopin. The disease originates from a bacteria, while in those times


What You Need To Know About Antibiotic Resistance

It’s not fun to be sick. Whether it’s a summer cold, sinus infection, or sore throat, we usually start looking for remedies to make us feel better ASAP. Often, it’s a trip to the doctor and a round of antibiotics. But did you know that many common illnesses are caused by viruses, which antibiotics cannot


Tetanus Vaccine… Do I really need it?

If you’re anything like me, you’re not rushing to set up an appointment for a vaccine unless you’re convinced that you really, really need it. After all, who wants to spend time and money to be poked by a scary needle for a shot you don’t know if you even need?! Not me! See, the