Summer Illness and Beach Accidents

Summer Illness and Beach Accidents

The sunshine has returned, school years are coming to a close, and the temperatures are climbing everyday which can only mean one thing: Summertime has arrived! This summer is already shaping up to be a busy one, with the U.S. Travel Association estimating about 6 in 10 Americans to take at least one summer trip. After years of COVID restrictions keeping us home, current events causing us stress and grief, and everything getting much more expensive, it looks like Americans are consistently planning trips to domestic beach locations, drawn to the sun and the sand and the relaxation. Even those of us who live in vacation locations (like the Emerald Coast) are already getting out of the house more than we have since pre-COVID summers. While sunny beaches offer ideal conditions for a vacation, it’s important to remember the not so fun things that may come with it. Injuries, summer illnesses, and beach accidents don’t know the difference between a beautiful beach resort and an office building in the city, so being prepared to handle those things can mean the difference between a relaxing beach trip and an out-of-town nightmare. Here are a few common things you might run into on your Summer 2022 excursions and how to keep them from ruining the vacay vibes.

Picture it: a beautiful day on the beach, fishing with the kids or maybe just yourself, when suddenly your perfect cast goes a little awry when you have a beach accident and there’s a hook sticking out of your arm, or your kid’s leg. You know better than to yank it out, you know infection is a real threat considering what we do with fishhooks, and it looks like it might even need stitches but you’re in a place that isn’t home and you have no idea if your insurance covers out of state clinic visits.

Or maybe you’re downtown with your friends celebrating finishing up another round of final exams at UWF and some of you went a little too hard downtown and now you’re pretty sure one of them has alcohol poisoning.

Or you get home from a relaxing night out and a delicious, fancy dinner but your head is stuffy and your throat is getting scratchy.

Or a jellyfish wrapped around your ankle at the beach.
Or you accidentally sliced your hand open on the aluminum can at the barbecue.

Or you’re just feeling really blah and you know your energy is low, but you aren’t at home to go get a quick B12 shot from your regular clinic.

Or your sunscreen wasn’t quite strong enough and now you’re pretty sure you have sun poisoning.

Any of these would be annoying and stressful to encounter on vacation or a beach day on your day off, and some of them could ruin the whole trip if not handled quickly and effectively. While you’re checking things off of your pre-sun & sand do-to list, make sure you add a few bullet points for checking your insurance policy to see what’s covered, specifically for out of town needs. Look into clinics in the area you’ll be visiting and the services they offer and how to handle emergencies (especially for overseas vacations). Keep water on hand to fight dehydration, pack the first aid kits and make sure they’re refilled and up to date, and plan for a relaxing and safe vacation so you can get the most bang for your ever more valuable bucks!

If you happen to be vacationing here or even if you’re a local of the Emerald Coast, ProHealth can help you with almost all of those things! Our walk-in clinics in Pensacola and Gulf Breeze offer treatment for a variety of common summer mishaps like alcohol poisoning, sun poisoning, unexpected illnesses like the flu or stomach viruses or colds, jellyfish stings, B12 shots, and even lab work. Clinic visits are much less expensive than the out-of-network fees insurance companies like to charge, and we are cash pay clinics so we don’t even require insurance to be seen. Click here to learn more about the services we offer and how much they cost, and if you find yourself in the midst of a summertime mishap give us a call or come on in and let us help you get back to the beach in no-time!