ProHealth Offers a Range of Care

ProHealth Offers a Range of Care

The Pros in Our Range of Care

Throughout our years of operation along the Gulf Coast, we’ve built a reputation of offering quality medical services on a walk-in basis, but we are more than a walk-in clinic. We know that building a relationship of trust with a medical provider can be instrumental in maintaining your health. Our preventative care, primary care and urgent care services provide us with the means to do just that. Each member of the team at ProHealth Medical Clinic is highly skilled in what they do and offer a level of expertise often not found in most standard walk-in clinics. We never consider our patients to be part of a revolving door of nameless cases but rather individuals who all need personal care and attention, so we encourage anyone seeking medical care to come to us with their needs.

If you need medical attention for any reason, we can offer peace of mind and attention that will provide you with clear results and affordable care that never comes with cut-rate service. Although appointments are not necessary, if you need medical care, you can schedule an appointment at any time.

At ProHealth, we’re well known for our range of medical testing, but also as a walk-in clinic. But we’re hardly limited to those two areas, and we offer urgent care as well as primary and preventative care. Each of these distinctive areas allows us to provide a greater range of service to our patients so that, in many cases, we have become their preferred provider.

Get Ahead with Preventative Care

Our preventative care services include such screenings and tests as blood pressure, diabetes and cholesterol tests as well as cancer screenings and even vaccinations for various viruses and infections. These are foundational in establishing great health and avoiding many diseases and conditions that can be prevented. We encourage our patients to establish routine preventative care so that their health is better protected.

Check-Up and Check Out Our Primary Care

Our practitioners provide our patients with everything they need. Whether they have a minor health issue that they would like to address, get a routine check-up or think they might need to see a specialist, we can meet with them to examine the issue more closely and provide them with the answers they need.

ASAP Attention with Minor Emergency Care

You might unexpectedly need medical attention but don’t want the wait time – or expense – of an emergency room or urgent care visit. Our minor emergency care provides immediate medical attention for cases that aren’t quite serious enough to warrant a trip to the emergency room at a hospital but still need to be seen as quickly as possible. Our team is equipped with the knowledge to handle each case and provide care that will get you back on your feet and back to great health.