ProHealth Medical Care gets speedier with online intake forms!

online-intake-formEven if a long wait at the doctor’s office is the only deterring factor, it might be enough to keep you away for good.

While ProHealth Medical Care welcomes walk-ins and same-day appointments, we still value quality care and short wait times. We realize you might be coming in to see Elizabeth or Don right before work or on a lunch break. Maybe that stomach bug didn’t kick in until mid-afternoon, but your doctor isn’t free until tomorrow.

Whether you’re a walk-in or have had an appointment for two weeks, you don’t have to fear hours of waiting room magazine-reading or fish-tank-watching in the waiting room.

Getting patients in quickly keeps us on our toes when we don’t know exactly how many to expect, but there’s a way you can help us stay sure-footed and expedite your visit. On our new ProHealth Medical Care site, we’ve added ProHealth Medical Care’s Intake Form for your convenience. You can print it at home or work, fill it out, and hand it to our medical assistants when you walk in the door.


You just stripped 10 minutes off of your visit.

Or, if you don’t have access to a printer, doing a mental run-through of the intake form, to make sure you have all of the necessary information, speeds up the process when you get to ProHealth Medical Care.