Occupational Testing and Donation Drop-Off Locations for Hurricane Michael

Occupational Testing and Donation Drop-Off Locations for Hurricane Michael

Many communities affected by Hurricane Michael were absolutely devastated by the storm and are still just in the beginning stages of accessing the total damage caused by this unfortunate event. In the aftermath of one of the most significant storms to ever bear down on the Gulf Coast, people are left without homes, power, or basic necessities. In the midst of the chaos, and even though several responders are working tirelessly to help in the affected areas,many people are left wondering how long the aid will last.

According to an article in the New York Times, many communities will need to be rebuilt entirely, which has left the citizens of Northwest Florida with the troublesome concern, “What if they forget about us?” As the media moves on and news coverage lessens, the true story of rebuilding the lives of many people in the panhandle has just begun. Thousands are still without power, food, water, or even a roof over their head. Businesses were destroyed causing widespread unemployment in the area making the financial recovery an uphill climb for many.

Donation Drop Off Locations

The ProHealth Fort Walton and Milton Locations are currently collecting donations for the hurricane relief effort. They are accepting any unopened items including: 

  • Toiletries
  • Baby food
  • Pet Food

Many organizations, including the Pensacola Police Department and the fire department, are collecting donations with no end date in sight. The Red Cross is also accepting cash contributions. If you can give, please give what you can. Every little bit helps. 

Occupational Health Services

The relief and recovery efforts have been swift, vast, and incredible, but there is still a lot of work to be done. As teams assemble, many constructions and labor companies need qualified employees vetted fast. ProHealth offers occupational health services, employment physicals, and drug and alcohol testing. We also provide medical care and testing at affordable prices for employees who can not afford insurance.