Now Is The Time For Flu Vaccines

Now Is The Time For Flu Vaccines

flu vaccines

Now Is The Time For Flu Vaccines

It is estimated 36,000 people a year die from the flu and its accompanying complications, most of these deaths prevented by getting a flu shot. While dying from the flu is extreme there are other reasons why we should get a flu vaccination. Getting a vaccination will prevent lost days at work and help keep you from spreading the flu throughout your community and household.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that since 2010 between 140,000 to 710,000 people have been hospitalized because of flu-related illnesses. Just because you are healthy, you are not immune from the flu; the virus can affect everyone. The (CDC) further states, not all flu seasons are the same, and the flu viruses will affect people in different ways. The flu season in Pensacola, Florida can start in October and last through May.

Who Should Be Vaccinated

Everyone older than six months should get a flu vaccine every flu season, preferably before the season starts, to give your body time to build up an immunity. There are some who are more vulnerable to the flu than others. Children, particularly under two years old, adults 65 and older, pregnant women, and residents of long-term care facilities are among those considered at high risk. Residents of Gulf Breeze, Florida can be vaccinated for as little as $32 by visiting a ProHealth clinic.

About Flu Vaccines

When you get the flu shot your body will develop antibodies that provide protection against the flu. These antibodies created by viruses implanted in the vaccine. The process takes about two weeks, again, get your flu vaccination before flu season begins. The CDC states most flu vaccines are designed to attack three different types of the influenza virus and are called trivalent vaccines. Type A, (H1N1), (H3N2) and an influenza B virus. Occasionally a fourth vaccine will be introduced, called a quadrivalent vaccine it works the same but adds extra protection against the B virus. Flu season in the United States can last for seven months.


The symptoms of the flu virus include a sore throat, fatigue, chills, muscle aches, headache, cough, fever and a runny nose. The virus is easily spread by coughing and sneezing and should, in most cases, last only a few days. On occasion; the flu mistook for other illnesses, such as the common cold. The flu vaccination will not protect you from the common cold.

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