Happy Nutrition Month!

tomatoesIt seems only natural for March, a traditionally “green” month, to be nationally dedicated to nutrition. There’s no question about the life-giving connotations that come with the vibrant color.

You’ve probably heard that a range of many colors keeps our plate and health vibrant. At the same time, green seems to be the heralded hue. This might be why…

Most plants start out green because of the green pigment concentration, chlorophyll. However, many plants make antioxidants, which cause them to shed the chlorophyll and change colors. This is to protect themselves against the free radicals that are generated when the sun hits chlorophyll.

[…recovering from science brain freeze…]

So, students, here’s today’s take-away: When you eat green foods (especially leafy veggies), you’re getting all of those layers of color that are hiding underneath the chlorophyll, and therefore, a plentiful variety of phytonutrients AND antioxidants.

As it turns out, GREEN is the new RAINBOW. Happy, healthy eating for March and beyond!