Why Is Drug Testing In The Workplace Important?

drug testing in the workplace

Why Is Drug Testing In The Workplace Important?

Many companies require that new employees take a drug test. Many of these companies also have their employees sign a contract when they are hired which states that they agree to take a random drug test whenever asked by the company. More and more companies are doing drug testing in the workplace, and there are several reasons why company drug testing is so important.

To Help the Community

Everyone has a responsibility in fighting the war on drugs. This includes companies both big and small. When companies perform drug testing in the workplace, they are helping the community. If they are employing only people who are drug-free, they are keeping the drugs out of the immediate area. This is great, especially in certain areas where drug use is rampant.

To Keep the Employees Productive

When employees have drugs in their system, they are likely to be less productive than those who don’t have drugs in their system. If the employees are doing drugs while they are working, they will be even less productive. Most illegal drugs and prescription medications can affect a person’s judgment, their reaction time, and can even cause risk taking behavior. If employees know that there will be drug testing in the workplace, they will avoid doing drugs both at home and at work. This will ensure that the employee’s job will get done safely and properly.

To Protect Other Employees and Customers

When an employee is using drugs in the workplace, they are not only a danger to themselves; they are also a risk to other employees, customers, and members of the public. When an employer requires their employees to take a drug test when they are hired and at random times, they won’t be liable if a drug abuser jeopardizes the people around them. It is up to the business owner to keep everyone in the workplace safe. Having employees take a drug test is the best way to do this.

To Keep Health Costs Down

A person who is addicted to drugs is not only more likely to hurt someone else on the job. They also cost the health insurance company four times more money than a person who does not use drugs. Also, workers’ compensation laws state that an employee would not be eligible for benefits if they were to test positive for drugs or alcohol at the time of the injury. If the employer does not have a signed contract regarding drug testing on file, the employer would not be able to take advantage of this statute.

To Keep Drug Users From Applying for the Job

If a drug user knows that the company that they are considering applying to performs drug testing, they will likely refrain from using drugs. If they don’t think that they can refrain from doing drugs, chances are they will apply with a company who does not perform drug testing. This can save the employer the time, the trouble, and the money that it took to train an employee that they will likely be firing very shortly.

Employee Rehabilitation

If an employee has a drug test and it comes up positive, their drug dependency will become known. This gives the employer the opportunity to get the employee the help that they need. If the employer gives the employee the opportunity to get help and still keep their job, the chance of the employee accepting these terms is very high. Not only can this save the employee’s career, but it can also save their life.

Whether a company is going to drug test their employees or not is entirely up to them. It is also a decision that should not be made lightly. Considering all of the benefits of drug testing employees, employers should seriously consider making mandatory drug testing a mandated policy. For more drug testing in the workplace facts and information on the different types of drug testing, contact ProHealth today.