DNA Paternity Testing

DNA paternity testing is the process wherein a child's DNA pattern is compared with that of the assumed father to determine if there is a match. As we all know, each of us inherits our DNA from our biological parents. Getting this DNA paternity test not only ensures the biological father of a child but also grants peace of mind and verification that stands in court.

DNA Paternity Testing Includes the Following:

Paternity Trio - This process includes testing of the mother, one child, and one alleged father.
Paternity Single Parent - This includes testing one child and one alleged father.
Grandparentage Testing - This includes testing of BOTH alleged paternal grandparents of the child and the mother.
Twin Zygosity - This includes testing of two children for zygosity whether they be identical or fraternal twins.
Family Ancestry - This process establishes Indian ancestry for tribal roles.

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Why DNA Paternity Testing?

DNA Paternity Testing offers the most accurate analysis of 16 alleles, with a guaranteed accuracy of either 100% in the case that the tested man is not the biological father or as much as 99.99% if the man is the biological father. You can get the results in just 3 to 4 days through a non-invasive process that does not involve blood samples.


How Does DNA Paternity Testing Work?

Testing is accomplished through the process of comparing DNA fragments which have been obtained from a mother or a father and the child. You will know a successful match if it is one that yields a correspondence of above 50%, which means to say that the higher number of paired genetic loci, the greater the feasibility of family relation.

Although garnering a perfect match would be highly impossible unless the two subjects are completely identical, a score that is just under 100%, preferably 99% is always desirable. To attain accurate results, providers will compare between 12 and 16 strands although sometimes they will require more. The more loci which have been examined, the higher the test accuracy that can be expected to achieve.

Benefits of DNA Testing

Aside from knowing the biological relation between persons, testing also has a number of practical benefits. This process can help a person understand any potential health risks and provide answers to various medical concerns. DNA testing becomes a useful tool in warning someone about the possible vulnerability to certain types of cancer which is hidden through their DNA.

Why not do Home DNA Paternity Testing?

A home DNA paternity test does not stand in court as evidence for child support or custody purposes. The tests done through nationally accredited laboratories which ProHealth can offer are admissible in court and are guaranteed to give you the most accurate results.

Why Choose ProHealth?

ProHealth has made its name by providing quality and affordable health services for residents along the gulf coast for over 30 years. The company's DNA related services that they extend offer customers sense of closure and as well as keep them well prepared for the challenges that go together with the decision they make.

The choice to have a ProHealth office perform these complex procedures gives you confidence and the peace of mind that you are in the care of trusted providers who will provide you with accurate results. For more information about how you can reap all of these benefits from paternity testing, please give us a call or visit one of our seven convenient locations!