A company culture you'll love To be part of

At ProHealth, we have a company culture that truly is unlike any other. We provide an emphasis on positivity, personal development and self-empowerment that flows company-wide - from the top down. As a company, we operate more like a big family business than a corporate organization. Our employees are given freedom of thought and are encouraged to share their ideas with us. When a mistake is made, our leaders encourage moving forward and learning from it – we don’t dwell on it. We appreciate the value of “failing forward” and look for teachable moments.

Ours is a very team-centric company, and we certainly have team spirit. We have strong relationships at work, but those relationships are taken outside of the workplace, as well. ProHealth takes the time to foster togetherness by celebrating birthdays and other special occasions.  We love organizing employee events like potlucks, scavenger hunts and Christmas parties.  Our community is also important to us and, as a company, we participate in community projects and events like the Christmas Parade, and we volunteer with local charitable organizations. ProHealth is a company whose members like to be together, and we’re happy to be doing what we do.


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Team Growth

At ProHealth, the secret to our success is simple, but it’s an equation that certainly benefits our patients: Happy workers equals happy patients.

Our company culture also makes the job more enjoyable for our employees by giving them a reason to be happy and hopeful about their personal futures. Our team has a close relationship and does what it can to support one another.

In order to keep our team running at its best, our Propel leadership team holds monthly meetings to discuss how our leaders can better serve the company and be stronger in their roles. Company owners, office managers, accounting managers, marketing managers, and administrative leaders communicate with one another to brainstorm new programs, resolve any issues that might be present and evaluate three-year strategic plans. Propel meetings are oriented to do just that – propel our company forward in a positive way.

At ProHealth, We Are:

  • Woman-owned
  • Patient service-oriented
  • Leadership driven
  • Goal-oriented
  • Number-oriented
  • Community service driven
  • Empowering to our people
  • Encouraging for career and personal growth

We strive to be positive and genuine in every interaction, and we have fun! We do believe that growth happens outside your comfort zone, however, and we encourage our team members to challenge themselves to make, meet and even surpass their goals. Our team’s success is our success, so we adopt a culture that values and stimulates forward motion and a desire to be successful in everything that we do.