Community Relations Strengthen our bond with you

At ProHealth, we believe a core facet of building a successful company is connecting with the community we serve. That philosophy also speaks to what we offer here - screening tests and health solutions that help build the health of the community. A healthy community isn’t just about physical health, however - it’s also about social health and support.

The team members at ProHealth participate in community events throughout the year, with a special focus on local health fairs and expos, where we can provide the community with greater awareness of certain health risks and provide them with the tools they need to stay healthy.

We also participate in local community events and health campaigns.

We have been a part of the Virginia College Health Fair, the annual Double Bridge Run expo, the From Blue to Better campaign to end childhood domestic abuse, A Bark to Remember, the Emerald Coast Health Fair and Expo, the Healthy PALS health screening event, the Gulf Breeze Community Expo, A Taste of Gulf Breeze, the Pensacola Marathon expo and the Pensacola Christmas Parade, as well as our annual team participation in the Steps for Autism Walk. Each of these is a personal moment for us to reach out to the community we serve and show them that greater health is possible.


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Connecting with Our Communities Fosters Greater Health

Community involvement is a priority for ProHealth because we genuinely enjoy participating in bettering the health our fellow community members. By attending and participating in events where our presence might not be expected, we have the opportunity to connect with members of the local communities as well as healthcare providers and business owners who might need our services. For us, these events offer the perfect way to inform the public about the affordable and accessible options we provide and educate them on how to better approach healthcare. We encourage our business partners and clients to notify us of upcoming events where our services and our mission might benefit attendees. These moments of connection are among our greatest rewards.

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