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Happy National Influenza Vaccination Week: $5 off our flu vaccinations

Happy National Influenza Vaccination Week!  To celebrate, we at ProHealth are taking the CDC Flu Vaccination Pledge here AND are offering $5 off our flu vaccinations to anyone who comes into one of our 6 locations and mentions National Influenza Vaccination Week.  Take the pledge and get vaccinated to protect yourself and the people around


Get Ready For Flu Season Get Ready For Flu Season Get Ready For Flu Season Get Ready For Flu Season

Fall is around the corner, which also means Flu Season! Influenza is an acute respiratory illness that is caused by Influenza A or B viruses. It occurs in outbreaks and epidemics worldwide, typically during the winter. Types A and B influenza viruses are responsible for the large flu epidemics. Signs and symptoms include fever, headache,


Back-To-School Time Means Vaccination Time for Students and Teachers

It’s back to school time again, which means it’s time to buy all those supplies and new clothes for the coming school year. It’s also the time to get your children’s vaccines up to date. We have most all the vaccines that the state and county require, including MMR, TDAP, Chickenpox and TB screenings, etc.