Hepatitis A Public Health Advisory in Florida

A Public Health Advisory issued by the State Surgeon General and State Health Officer has declared a hepatitis A virus (HAV) warning. Florida had 385 cases of HAV infection in 2018, which is three times higher than average. While most patients with HAV infections will fully recover, HAV can cause severe liver damage, and 77%…

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Need to Qualify Your Workers for Hurricane Clean Up?

OSHA Testing | DOT & Non-DOT Drug & Alcohol Testing | Employment Physicals Hurricane Michael has devastated Panama City, Mexico Beach and much of the surrounding area. ProHealth is READY to serve the affected areas by helping businesses vet qualified workers FAST with: On-site and after hours collection services Able to service Panama City &…

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Flu Treatments for the Season Ahead


Flu Treatments for the Season Ahead When flu season begins, more people begin considering the need to seek out preventative flu treatments. The aches, chills, fevers, coughing and sniffles all make the flu an unpleasant experience. But even more than that, the flu is extremely dangerous – and sometimes even deadly – for people with…

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Child Vaccinations


Child Vaccinations Required for Back to School Going back to school preparation comes with a long list of things to check off – everything from supplies and gear to clothes and shoes. One of the most important things to add to the list are child vaccinations. By Florida law, all children entering a preschool, public…

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Digging Up the Dirt on Tetanus Shots

It’s a beautiful day and you want to plant some daisies or impatiens. You gather up your tools: gloves, hat, sunscreen, tetanus shot – hold the phone, tetanus shots? It’s true – rusty nails are not the only way to contract tetanus (lockjaw). Believe it or not, if you should get a (supposedly) simple scratch…

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Meningitis Vaccines & College

Vaccines are required for all sorts of things. The military requires a whole list of vaccines, hospital workers often must be up to date on vaccines or sign waivers, travelers to certain countries must be vaccinated against local infectious diseases, and sometimes even college students must get certain vaccines before they’re allowed to enroll. One…

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Who Needs a Tuberculosis Test & Why?

Tuberculosis (TB) is one of those diseases most people don’t think about unless they have to. It’s not really common enough to be a headliner like the flu, so it’s not one of those things that stays at the front of our minds. That doesn’t mean it’s not VERY serious if we get it, though.…

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If You’re Not Taking the Flu Seriously, You Should!

It’s all over the news, flooding Facebook feeds and Twitter timelines. It’s on everyone’s mind: the flu. Just the name is starting to get that old school horror film ring to it, and with good reason. The flu virus is one of the most volatile, persistent viruses on the planet, and it is proving to…

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Now Is The Time For Flu Vaccines

flu vaccines

Now Is The Time For Flu Vaccines It is estimated 36,000 people a year die from the flu and its accompanying complications, most of these deaths prevented by getting a flu shot. While dying from the flu is extreme there are other reasons why we should get a flu vaccination. Getting a vaccination will prevent…

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The Travelers’ Guide to Vaccinations Before Travel

If you are planning a trip outside the country, then you need to check to see whether you need to get any travel vaccines before you go. Some of these vaccinations take several months to kick in, which means that you need to start planning for vaccinations before traveling well ahead of time. The CDC…

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