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The DOT Isn’t Jokin’ About Transportation Employees Tokin’

No marijuana for DOT employees

If you are a DOT employee, don’t get “toked up” just yet about the legalization of medical and recreational marijuana initiatives.  The Department of Transportation’s Drug and Alcohol Testing Regulation (49 CFR Part 40) does not authorize the use of Schedule I drugs, which include marijuana, for any reason by safety-sensitive transportation employees, such as:

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Medical Providers & The Role of Antibiotics

In a recent editorial for the Journal of the American Association of Nurse Practitioners, Dr. Manning, President-Elect of the Association of in Infection Control and Epidemiology, called to all Nurse Practitioners to “be bold. Be brave. Advocate for the health of your patients and your community and seize the moment to preserve the effectiveness of…

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Health Insurance Mandate and Penalties to be Lifted in 2019

The Affordable Care Act included a health insurance mandate which required all citizens to have health insurance policy or pay a penalty. As a result, many people have experienced a rise in health care costs. In Florida, some of the most affordable plans available saw a premium increase of 13.9 % and other states are…

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The Crackdown on Kratom

Have you ever noticed signs on the side of the road, probably in front of a gas station convenience store, stating: “Kratom Sold Here”? Have you ever wondered ‘What is that?’ I had and what I found out is pretty disturbing… In my search for info on kratom, I came across a New York Times…

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ProHealth Teams up with Suit Yourself

ProHealth will be accepting donations for Suit Yourself, a ministry that helps local women find employment and independence in the community. Pensacola, Florida – ProHealth and ProHealth Medical Care will be accepting donations for Suit Yourself, a free community outreach ministry of the First United Methodist Church that helps women in the community find a…

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The Mosquito: Public (Health) Enemy #1

Mosquitoes! What are they good for? Besides transmitting more deadly diseases than any other creature on the planet: malaria (claims an average of a million lives a year), West Nile virus, and dengue fever (which used to be called “break bone” fever because it sometimes causes severe muscle & joint pain that feels like bones…

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What Can a Teladoc Doctor Prescribe?

teladoc prescribe

ProHealth knows the importance of being able to seek care that is affordable and convenient, so we offer the members of our Medical Memberships access to a nationwide network of Teladoc online doctors. These fully licensed medical professionals are able to communicate with patients via phone, Internet or app and work with them to determine…

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STD testing in FWB

std testing fwb

The Wisdom of STD Testing Being sexually active is common in today’s society. With the level of sexual activity many people have, the chances that they will contact a sexually transmitted disease (STD) of some form is greatly increased. If left undetected or untreated, STDs can cause significant health concerns that could have far-reaching effects.…

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How To Survive High Deductibles: A Simplified Guide

Here’s a scenario for you: you have a head cold, so you go to the doctor. The doctor writes you a prescription, so you take it to the pharmacy. The pharmacy fills it, and your copay is $154 for a seven-day antibiotic prescription. Seems crazy expensive, right? You ask why it’s so expensive and the…

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Silicosis: A Silent Killer

Silica is everywhere: it’s in shoes, it’s in sealants, it’s in tools, and sometimes, it’s in the air we breathe. It’s so common, chances are you encounter it multiple times a day. There are many different forms of silica, and some of them can actually make you sick. One form is called crystalline silica. This…

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