Meningitis Vaccines & College

Vaccines are required for all sorts of things. The military requires a whole list of vaccines, hospital workers often must be up to date on vaccines or sign waivers, travelers to certain countries must be vaccinated against local infectious diseases, and sometimes even college students must get certain vaccines before they’re allowed to enroll. One…

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Protecting Your Teen From Meningitis

Student vaccinations are rarely a one-time-event anymore. With a tendency for immunities to wane, the CDC often recommends boosters. This proves true with the meningitis vaccine. In 2010, the CDC panel voted to recommend a booster for the meningococcal (MCV) shot. They contemplated simply moving the age back to 14 or 15, but didn’t want…

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Meningitis: Get Smart


Attention STUDENTS (and those who know and love a student). Our lesson today is on Meningitis. Meningitis can be two things: deadly and prevented. We’re aiming for the latter. While it can affect anyone, those age 11 through college years are at the greatest risk. It’s spread by common (sometimes unavoidable) activities like: -Living in…

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