7 Things Parents Should Know About Drugs

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Drug Testing Options in Northwest Florida

Employers want to create a safe work environment for their employees, not surprisingly, employees want the same thing. According to a Gallup survey, employees typically favor drug testing of workers in safety-sensitive jobs 95 percent. People realize that the reality is that many of those injured in “serious” drug-related accidents at work are not the


Employment Physicals

OSHA Testing | DOT & Non-DOT Drug & Alcohol Testing | Employment Physicals Hurricane Michael has devastated Panama City, Mexico Beach and much of the surrounding area. ProHealth is READY to serve the affected areas by helping businesses vet qualified workers FAST with employment physicals and: On-site and after hours collection services Able to service


What is JUUL?

A lot of people today wouldn’t consider smoking: it’s smelly, dangerous and deadly – those TRUTH ads have made an impact. People know that smoking has a negative impact on overall health. But, there’s a new cig on the block – the e-cig, and the most popular of them all is JUUL. What is JUUL?


The Crackdown on Kratom

Have you ever noticed signs on the side of the road, probably in front of a gas station convenience store, stating: “Kratom Sold Here”? Have you ever wondered ‘What is that?’ I had and what I found out is pretty disturbing… In my search for info on kratom, I came across a New York Times