Blood Testing

Blood vs. Urine Pregnancy Test


In the question of getting a blood vs. urine pregnancy test, most women take the road that seems less complicated, less pricey and much more expedient in the interest of getting a quick answer. They want to know when they want to know, without having the hassle of spending time in a waiting room unless…

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Flu Treatments for the Season Ahead


Flu Treatments for the Season Ahead When flu season begins, more people begin considering the need to seek out preventative flu treatments. The aches, chills, fevers, coughing and sniffles all make the flu an unpleasant experience. But even more than that, the flu is extremely dangerous – and sometimes even deadly – for people with…

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Child Vaccinations


Child Vaccinations Required for Back to School Going back to school preparation comes with a long list of things to check off – everything from supplies and gear to clothes and shoes. One of the most important things to add to the list are child vaccinations. By Florida law, all children entering a preschool, public…

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ProHealth & DATIA in the Big Easy

The folks at ProHealth understand that in the healthcare testing industry, nothing is ever stagnant. Concepts, policies, procedures, and new ideas are always surfacing and changing, sometimes on a daily basis. This is why we put so much value in continuing to learn and grow, even after schooling is over and the job is landed.…

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Who Needs a Tuberculosis Test & Why?

Tuberculosis (TB) is one of those diseases most people don’t think about unless they have to. It’s not really common enough to be a headliner like the flu, so it’s not one of those things that stays at the front of our minds. That doesn’t mean it’s not VERY serious if we get it, though.…

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HIV Testing and Awareness

HIV Is Risky Business Over the past few decades, there have been many notable advances in diagnosing widespread diseases, caring for them and oftentimes even preventing them. But those advances have done alarmingly little to keep HIV/AIDS from continuing to be a public health crisis in the United States. Statistics show that the Southern U.S.…

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Monitoring Your Blood Pressure

If you have high blood pressure, it should be checked on a regular basis – especially if you are taking medication for it. For many people, taking high blood pressure medication will be a lifelong treatment, so investing in an accurate home blood pressure machine, such as the one pictured left, is well worth it.…

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Twinrix: ONE vaccine prevents TWO hepatitis strains


Are you vacationing in Mexico this summer? Studying abroad in Japan? Going on a mission trip to India? For any of these destinations (and many more), you’ll probably need to be vaccinated for both hepatitis A and B. While hepatitis A and B are two very different diseases, there is one form of dual protection…

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Stop Yellow Fever Before it Bugs You


Originating in Africa, this viral disease is most commonly found in many jungles and surrounding villages. Experts believe yellow fever was spread to South America during the slave trade in the 16th century. The Aedes aegypti mosquito is often responsible for spreading yellow fever. While the virus is not transmitted within the United States, people…

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