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Blood vs. Urine Pregnancy Test

In the question of getting a blood vs. urine pregnancy test, most women take the road that seems less complicated, less pricey and much more expedient in the interest of getting a quick answer. They want to know when they want to know, without having the hassle of spending time in a waiting room unless


Child Vaccinations

Child Vaccinations Required for Back to School Going back to school preparation comes with a long list of things to check off – everything from supplies and gear to clothes and shoes. One of the most important things to add to the list are child vaccinations. By Florida law, all children entering a preschool, public


Who Needs a Tuberculosis Test & Why?

Tuberculosis (TB) is one of those diseases most people don’t think about unless they have to. It’s not really common enough to be a headliner like the flu, so it’s not one of those things that stays at the front of our minds. That doesn’t mean it’s not VERY serious if we get it, though.


HIV Testing and Awareness

HIV Is Risky Business Over the past few decades, there have been many notable advances in diagnosing widespread diseases, caring for them and oftentimes even preventing them. But those advances have done alarmingly little to keep HIV/AIDS from continuing to be a public health crisis in the United States. Statistics show that the Southern U.S.