How to use a Rapid COVID-19 Antigen At-Home Test Kit

How to use a Rapid COVID-19 Antigen At-Home Test Kit

COVID-19 testing is evolving rapidly, and you can rely on ProHealth to stay on top of the changes for you. We offer many COVID-19 testing options and are happy to work hand-in-hand with you to help you select the right tests for your specific needs. Our newest testing options is a rapid COVID-19 antigen test that is authorized for at-home testing. It is a lower nasal swab and results are ready in 15 minutes. Tests are now available at all seven ProHealth locations. Click here to find a location nearest to you. For an easy testing experience, we’re explaining how to use a rapid COVID-19 antigen at-home test kit.

Wash your hands and locate your test swab, test tube, filter cap and test device inside your bag.

Step 1: Peel open the swab packet and take the swab out. Hold the swab near the middle, where it is thin. Make sure you do not touch the soft tip or lay it down on any surfaces. Insert the entire soft end of the swab straight back into your nostril, less than one inch or until resistance is felt. Slowly swirl the swab, gently rubbing it along your nasal passage several times. Using the same swab, repeat the same steps in your other nostril.

Step 2: Open the test tube, put the tip of the swab into the test tube. Move the swab up and down at least 10 times to properly mix the fluids. Squeeze the tube while removing the swab to squeeze out as much liquid from the swab as possible. Place the filter cap on the test tube.

Step 3: Immediately dispense 3 drops of the sample extract into the well at the bottom of the test device.

Step 4: Make sure you read your results at 15 minutes and no later than 20 minutes.

Interpretation of Result:

How to decide between Rapid COVID-19 Antigen At-Home Test Kit or In-Office Test

There are advantages to COVID-19 at-home testing, and also in-office testing. Deciding which test to take doesn’t have to be complicated. Review our chart below to find out which Rapid COVID-19 Antigen Test is right for you!

how to decide between at-home rapid testing and in-office rapid COVID-19 testing