Are you prepared for the bears?

Are you prepared for the bears?

eurasian_brown_bearLet’s imagine you’re heading out for a family camping trip.

For years you’ve gone to a campsite with electricity, bathrooms and a ranger a phone call away. The wildest animal you’ve seen is a raccoon.

This year you’re going to the mountains. You’re hiking far away from your car, civilization and cell phone reception.

This is the real deal, complete with real wild animals and a real need for protection. Fences don’t stand between you and the bears.

This trip could go two ways. You could head into the wilderness feeling vulnerable, taking each step to the beat of the “lions and tigers and bears” mantra. Or, you could arm yourself with knowledge and equipment, and start your journey confident, knowing you’re prepared if you encounter that bear.

Your camping trip is not unlike life.

The further we travel into life, the more protection we need for our bodies. Denying this is unsafe and unwise. But with proper preparation, there’s no need to fear.

Deep-wood, veteran hikers know that regular bug spray won’t provide maximum protection. Some take a pill that emits a garlic odor to keep animals and bugs away. The high-dose flu shot is our garlic pill (pungent odor not included!). Introduced for the 2010 flu season, High Dose was made specifically for people 65 years and older, to give them four times the protection of a regular flu shot and increase immunity. The quadrupled amount of antigen creates a stronger immune response. This extra immunity is important for senior adults, who are more inclined to contract the flu and suffer disproportionately from influenza and its complications.

The High Dose flu shot costs $40, and remember that we do file Medicare Part B in our Pensacola office off of Summit Blvd.

We want you to continue on your life-long adventure of great health for years to come!

Don’t delay in making sure you and your loved ones are fully protected. Foregoing accessible immunizations is like leaving your flashlight at home while camping!