10 Commandments for Preventing Sexual Assault

Sexual Asault Sexual assault can be a frightening topic that some choose not to talk about. However, we firmly believe that educating yourself and talking about the issue is crucial because it can happen anywhere and to anyone.

Here’s a few statistics that caught our attention:

  • – Every 2 minutes in the United States someone is sexually assaulted.
  • – Each year, there are about 207,754 victims of sexual assault.
  • – 54% of sexual assaults are not reported to the police.
  • – 97% of rapists will never spend a day in jail.

Officer Kyle Gallagher, the Crime Prevention Officer at the University of West Florida, is also very concerned with the issue and dedicates a huge part of his career to keeping students safe and informed. He presents us with “The 10 Commandments for Preventing Sexual Assault,” a clever list to remember as you venture to and from parties this fall.


The 10 Commandments for Preventing Sexual Assault

1.Thou shalt stick with your friends

2.Maketh a plan before you go out to leave and come back with your friends

3.Hold onto your drink (even to the potty)

4.Forsake drinking from all punch bowls or open containers

5.Stay in control of your drinking

6.Avoid secluded places (nothing good happens there… moohahaah)

7.Trust thine instincts

8.Always keep your cell phone handy and chargedeth9.Always carry $20 for cab fare

10.Practice self-defense (play the “what if” game)

 For more ways to reduce your risk of sexual assault visit rainn.org/get-information/sexual-assault-prevention.

Emerald Coast Forensic Services, a division of ProHealth, provides professionally-trained forensic examiners in Escambia and Santa Rosa counties, and offers training opportunities such as a 40-hour sexual assault forensic examiner course and refresher courses for medical forensic examiners.