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Pre-employment Health Screening

a person receiving a pre employment health screening

Whether you call it a pre-employment physical, employee health screening or use the term work physicals, pre-employment health screening is an essential part of the hiring process. When an organization offers insurance to its employees, employee health is important. In addition, substance abuse, physical abilities, worker’s compensation and similar issues can be identified and costs…

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Tips on How to Beat that Annoying Weight Loss Plateau in No Time

a woman getting over her weight loss plateau

When working out and dieting to lose weight, there is nothing quite as frustrating as a weight loss plateau. Unfortunately, no matter how perfect your weight loss program is, this is often inevitable. When you’re losing weight, you also lose muscle, which can lead to a lower metabolism. With just a few tips, you can…

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Walk-in Clinic vs Urgent Care: Learn About ProHealth Today

lady waiting to be seen at walk in clinic vs urgent care

Walk in Clinic vs Urgent Care: Your Healthcare Needs Urgent care is a type of walk-in clinic that generally offers more comprehensive treatments. People often visit these clinics when their normal providers are away and unable to see them. They frequently visit these centers when they can’t secure swift appointments as well. These centers are…

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