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Now Is The Time For Flu Vaccines

Now Is The Time For Flu Vaccines It is estimated 36,000 people a year die from the flu and its accompanying complications, most of these deaths prevented by getting a flu shot. While dying from the flu is extreme there are other reasons why we should get a flu vaccination. Getting a vaccination will prevent…

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Why Is Drug Testing In The Workplace Important?

Why Is Drug Testing In The Workplace Important? Many companies require that new employees take a drug test. Many of these companies also have their employees sign a contract when they are hired which states that they agree to take a random drug test whenever asked by the company. More and more companies are doing…

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What You Should Know About DNA Testing

Our understanding of DNA and its connection to virtually every aspect of human life has led to some of the most exciting and important breakthroughs in medical history. Genomics, which is the science responsible for studying and mapping DNA strands, originated in the 80s and now provides the framework for modern DNA testing. Although the…

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The Travelers’ Guide to Vaccinations Before Travel

If you are planning a trip outside the country, then you need to check to see whether you need to get any travel vaccines before you go. Some of these vaccinations take several months to kick in, which means that you need to start planning for vaccinations before traveling well ahead of time. The CDC…

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